borisI’m an ambitious amateur photographer living in the Heart of Europe with a passion for (but not limited to) adventure (nature, landscape, travel and wildlife) photography. It all started dozens of years ago when my late father gave me his old camera. He was one of those guys who always had that dream of becoming a photographer but was never able to make it, as both of my parents had to work hard to earn some money and feed the family. Photography, he said, is all about inspiration and responsibility. When you take shots of people, they put a lot of trust in you. And photographs have this magic power of capturing memories and transporting emotions – even beyond the boundaries of time. A simple photo can change the course of the world, and we all know some that actually did. Our reward is not only about the story such photo tells and the emotion it creates, but sometimes it is also about the positive action resulting from it. Let us admire and preserve our beautiful planet and always be open to let photography tell us why. I hope you share this passion with me and I welcome you to browse and enjoy the memories and inspirations on my site.

I maintain several local exhibitions and regularly receive credits and awards in various photo contests, I have supported many charity organizations through my work such as DGM, MSF and our local sports club and I’m active in local photo groups. Nothing fancy, but a nice appreciation which motivates me to continue to always go further. 

I’m always happy to hear back from you about my work or photo talk in general. Let’s get in touch if:

  • You have a private interest in my work, such as general talk, getting prints or digital copies, sharing experience, would like to learn or could teach me something, …
  • You’re a journalist/editor and would like to use photos or reports about my work and travel in your publication.
  • You want to use my work in a non-profit, charitable or scientific/educational context. I usually grant permission for free also for fundraising purposes, but remember you’ll always have to ask first and explain your cause.
  • You are a company interested in direct and honest feedback about your products based on real world experience.
  • You want to use my work in any commercial context which is local and sustainable.

Please do not contact me in those cases:

  • You’d like to get services for free where it’d be fair to pay. I am not a commercial photographer. I won’t compete with pro’s who have to make a living. Photography is hard work and deserves our respect.
  • You have a viral marketing interest. This is a non-commercial site and I’m not interested in presenting your product on this site.
  • If your commercial business is not sustainable, or has to do with any questionable cause such as weapons, drugs, or any activity that could be harmful to nature or people …
  • If you have a political motivation. Although I am an active voter and supporter of a certain opinion, I won’t allow my photos to be used in any political context.

Please don’t wonder about a possible mix of English and German on this site. In my blog, I’ll have to decide based on the potential audience, so posts with a more local focus might be in German and posts of general interest (such as international travel reports) would rather be in English.

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